About Us

We started Stunner of the month as a group of friends who enjoy jet-setting, eating street food, steezing and wearing our Stunners. We set out to travel the world to gather the newest, coolest styles in fashion eyewear.

Stunner of the Month permits us to share our passion with the People.

As a member of Stunner of the Month, you will receive a new style of hand selected sunglasses every month from our Collection. Using a top-secret technology given to us by a faction of former KGB lieutenants (that’s right, the KGB), we employ an algorithm that chooses the perfect pair for you. Your pair will be a one-of-a-kind look with its own story and own unique flavor of style.

Stunner of the Month isn’t just a club, it’s a lifestyle. Wear January’s Stunners in September. Share a pair with a friend. Give a pair to get laid. Wear two at the same time. It doesn’t matter.

As long as you wear your Stunners expect to be transformed by the personality and attitude that accompanies each pair.

*Visit our FAQ page to get answers to some frequently asked questions.